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Welcome to the design
collection of

Hops Scrimshaw
The Home of "Elephant Friendly Scrimshaw"

We have been producing
finely Detailed Scrimshaw Reproductions
For over 20 years
as well as

One of a Kind Custom Engravings

for over 30 years

The Boys and Us
My Lovely Wife Joann, does the inking & jewelry assembly,
Nick & Jeff in the back, share the jobs of mold making and casting,
as well as sanding, polishing, drilling, etc.
and of course, the other one is me, I get to put up with all of their
shenanigans, but really, the LORD has truly blessed me with a great
family and a job where we can all work together.

We are pleased to present you with a very different and unique
line of wearable wildlife and Native American style jewelry,
art, accessories and sculptures.

The laws governing the sale and transportation of Ivory
may be changing.

For more information on these bills
and Current Elephant Populations in Parts of Africa
go to
"A note from Hop"

Click on images to view mounting options & prices

We Offer

A Safe & Secure way to pay online

on all orders
to US residents.

Can't decide what to get someone?
Check out our
Gift Certificate

A Custom Casting Service For Fellow Scrimshaw Artists
Just take a few minutes and skim through this information,
and take advantage of our

"FREE first time mold offer."

Check out our GUEST ARTIST section
to view reproductions we've done for

Gary 'Garbo' Williams

To navigate through our many design categories on the navigation bar
at the left, just place your pointer over the category you want to go to
and "Left click" to travel there.
"DROP DOWN MENU's" to further refine your search.
We hope you enjoy traveling through our site.

Also, you may find it easier to navigate using our SITE MAP

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Visit our Custom Portraits Page
"Let us create a Family Heirloom for you"

Event Medallions / Corporate gifts
We can produce 10 or 1,010 high quality Scrimshaw reproductions
for a special event or as a corporate gift a company presents to their
employees or dealers as sales incentives.

Decorative Wall Mounted Arrows
These are truly awesome pieces of wall art that will certainly catch
the eye of visitors to your home or office

Silk screened Panels for Framing
A unique piece of art that introduces a little texture to your wall art.

Custom Powder Horns
Here you will see examples of powder horns / map horns I've done.

A This and That page of Past Projects
Here you will see some examples of odds and ends
I've done over the years.


As you click through our collection of very unique Scrimshaw designs and other art you may notice a number of designs that resemble something that could have been made by a Native American, American Indian or Alaska Native artist, however, the products you see throughout this web site were

I am just someone that has a great deal of admiration for many Native American Indian tribes and cultures before our white forefathers tried to annihilate them.

It is my love of Native Americans that influences much of my art work here.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

Walk in Peace, HOP

We try to keep our web site up to date, if you encounter
difficulty navigating through the site, or find discrepancies in the
information presented, we would appreciate hearing about it.
Just send an E-mail to gotohops@msn.com with a brief
explanation and we'll make the necessary changes.
Thanks, HOP - July 2015

©2002-2016 Hops Scrimshaw