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Event Medallions & Corporate Gifts

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Shown below are an assortment of Event Medallions we've done for various
Living History events, Boy Scout Order of the Arrow Functions and Fire Depts.

If you are involved with sponsoring or hosting an event and want a truly
special Medallion, send us an E-mail at: GoToHops@msn.com
We will give you a quote on as few as 20, but there are
no limits on the maximum number you can order.

If you are a Scrimshander and are interested in offering reproductions
of your work, send us an E-mail, we will be happy to explain
our reproduction procedure and services.

You can also go to our "Reproduction Service" page

NOTE: We require a 30% deposit with the order, which is based
on a quote we will provide of the estimated final cost.

We were honored again this year (2016) to have been chosen to provide the Medallion/Participant Passes. We produced their 20th Anniversary, the 25th and now their 40th. The "Friends of Fort Atkinson" staff and volunteers are a great bunch to work with.

It's to bad this years event got rained out, not totally but the number of participants were down to about 1/3 of their normal participants.

We've been participating in this event for 32 years and this is only the second time I can remember being rained out.

Shown at its
Approx. Actual Size
of 1-5/16" in Dia.

This Medallion was done for a small family Rendezvous called "Gravy Ridge," hence the Gravy boat and the gravy ladle. The piece shows mountains in the background, however, this event was held in Ames Iowa, in the center
of the corn belt. I'm sorry to say this event is no longer held and even though my wife and I were only able to attend a couple of times, we enjoyed our time there. You did a good job Chuck & Linda.

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This is a medallion we did for the "Mitigwa Lodge" the Mid Iowa Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Order of the Arrow chapter. The design with the boy holding a coup stick is used in the heading of their news publication called "The Mitigwa Chief."

We did a limited edition of 100 individually numbered pieces and presented them at their winter event called, "Snow Flake PowWow," all but a few sold in 1 day. The medallions that weren't sold that day were purchased a short time later by Scout leaders that were unable to attend the event.

The medallion was done as a fund raiser for their lodge chapter and for my wife and I, hopefully a break even venture. We as well as the Scout leaders were very pleased with the response and sales.

Shown at its Approx.
Actual size of
1-5/16" wide
x 2-3/4" tall
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Shown at its
Approx. Actual Size
of 1-1/8" wide
x 1-15/16" tall

We did this Medallion for the 10th anniversary of a Rendezvous held in conjunction with "Elk Rock Frontier Days." The image on the front is a Rendezvous scene and the back side has the event information. Also, this event was sponsored by the Iowa DNR.

If you look close you can see an image of an Elk in the rock outcropping background. There are a couple of tipis, a wall tent awning, smoke drifting up from a fire and more. Feel free to copy and enlarge the photo to see everything better.

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Shown at its
Approx Size of
15/16" wide
x 1-15/16" tall

Being a volunteer Firefighter myself, as well as our 2 sons, I really enjoyed working on this piece for the "California Professional Firefighters Association." They provided the image of a statue called "Fallen Brother." You can almost feel the anguish of the Firefighter dragging his friend to safety shouting, "Medic, Medic, I need a Medic."

On a fire scene there are systems in place to keep track of all the personnel but when you have a 3rd or 4th alarm fire and 20 or 30 Firefighters running around doing this and that it's almost impossible to know exactly where everyone is at all times.

The order for this design on money clips was 500 pieces, then we had an overrun and offered an additional 35 pieces at a reduced price.
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Scrimshanders, make your work start working for you!!!

Another Rendezvous Medallion,, this event is called "The Fort Atkinson Rendezvous" it was sponsored by the Iowa DNR but now it's sponsored by the townspeople "The Friends of Fort Atkinson." The front of the medallion shows the front of the Fort in the background, a Tipi, a cannon and the Captain of the Ghost Garrison, the military contingent that quartered at the Fort from 1840 to 1849. This Fort was the only Fort in the US that was built for the protection of Indians.

The back side shows the event information identifying 1996 as the 20th anniversary of the event. It also shows that 1996 was Iowa's sesquicentennial year.

Shown at its Approx. Size of
2-5/16" tall x 1" wide
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The Approx. Actual size
from the base of the
screw eye
to just below the "25" is

Enlarged Detail

Here is the 2nd Event medallion we did for Fort
Atkinson, for their 25th anniversary. The front side shows The Fort doors are open revealing 2 Tipis, and some soldiers marching by Outside the Fort, there's a soldier talking to Buckskinner, a lady weaving a basket, a broom maker working on a broom and a young boy getting ready to throw a tomahawk.

The back side of the medallion shows 5 gentlemen who were instrumental in getting the Rendezvous started and all but one are still going. The individual portraits are approximately 5/16" tall from the top of their head to their shoulders.



The town of Fort Atkinson is a really neat place, A small town with a population of only around 400. The town folks really work hard to put on this event, they provide fire wood, bring ice around twice a day, provide security for the closed hours, etc.

Come and visit us at the Fort Atkinson Rendezvous which is always held on the last FULL weekend of September.

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NOTE: On custom work we require a 30% deposit with the order, which is based on a quote we will provide of the estimated final cost.

Have you ever been asked "Can you do a hundred of these for me?"

Shown at its
Approx. Actual Size
of 15/1 6" wide"
x 1-1/4" tall

This Medallion was done for the "Old West Shooters National Congress." You can see the "O" "W" and the "S" interwoven together in the center.

I like to put my mark on every design I do, however, on a design such as this, doing so would definitely not look good.

On all designs that are proprietary to an organization I do require a letter from an authorized officer of the organization giving me permission to use their design

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This is another limited edition of 100 pieces we did for a Boy Scout Order of the Arrow group in Northwest Illinois, They provided me with a large, nicely done, embroidered jacket patch. It was a challenge to reduce the pattern down to fit on this arrowhead and still keep all of the detail, everything on the patch had specific meaning. Fortunately with our reproduction process we are able to capture even the smallest detail I am able engrave into the piece.

Enlarged Detail

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Shown at its Approx.
Actual size of
1-5/16" wide x 2-3/4" tall

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