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Hops' Scrimshaw
The Home of "Elephant Friendly Scrimshaw"
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My First Piece & Indian Brave
Mics. Pieces & Lynx Kitten
Whale's Tooth
Bambi & Silver Work
Lynx & Butterfly
Bear Claw

The photos below are of just a few projects I've done over the years, they were
done long before we started doing reproductions, most of these were done in the
late 80's or early 90's and we didn't start doing reproductions until 1994.

Have you ever seen someone doing something and thought to yourself or told
your wife, I just have to try that. Well, in 1983 I saw a young man doing
Scrimshaw at a Rendezvous (a Mountain Man reenactment) we visited and unlike so many other things I thought I might like to try, I did go home, gathered up some crude tools, as well as a nasty old cow horn to work on and in the winter of 1983 - 1984
sitting at our kitchen table, I produced my very first piece of Scrimshaw and
surprisingly enough, I still have it. You can see for yourself how very, very
crude it is in the photo below.

If I can do it, you can do it.............

Our 2 sons describe this piece as looking like a toenail from Big Foot, this was my very first attempt at doing Scrimshaw. This photo is pretty close to its actual size of 2" wide. The design is of the very first Rendezvous in 1983 my family and I participated in, why I kept it, I'm not really sure, a better question would be, WHY did I even attempt another piece of Scrimshaw when my first attempt looked so bad but I did and here I am some 30 years later, still at it.
Up till now I have only shown this piece to a few family members and a couple of very close friends but I figured why not put it on our web site and share it with everyone. I especially want those who are just thinking about trying their hand at Scrimshaw to see this piece, or those who have already attempted a few pieces and have become discouraged, just look at where I once was and what I am able to do now, I'm certainly not bragging, I just want to point out I didn't get to where I'm at overnight. Just take your time and practice and maybe ask the Lord for a little help along the way, before you know it, you'll be teaching me a few things.

GOD Bless & Enjoy, HOP

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A young Indian brave with his shield and flint spear in hand, war paint on, ready to confront the enemy.

Here's an assortment of original pieces I've done and sold at living history events throughout the Midwest. Back in those days I used mostly Elephant ivory but now I'm using a variety of materials such as Mammoth & Mastodon, fossil walrus and even some Corian counter top material. I also still use some PRE-BAN Elephant ivory.

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Here's a cute little Lynx just looking like he's going to get in trouble.
In the springtime when most wild animals give birth to their offspring, there are so many things to do. Maybe this kitten saw a butterfly, or maybe there's a brother or sister hiding among the wild flowers

This was a really nice Whale's tooth to work on. It was a little wider at the base than most teeth. These ships are similar to the Mayflower which transported Pilgrims to Plymouth Massachusetts, where they established the first permanent New England Colony in 1620. I don't often do this but I traded the work on this tooth for a really nice, original, muzzle loading 12ga shotgun, plus a little cash.

PS. I only work on Whale's teeth that have pre-act papers with them.

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I did a custom piece for very good friend of mine and when I delivered it, he said to me, "It's not finished, I wanted it mounted in silver." I said I don't do silver work, then he said, an artist should mount all of his custom work. A painter matts and frames his work, so you should frame your work in silver, if you don't know how to do silver work, you need to learn how. Well, he wouldn't take the piece until it was mounted so I went searching for a silver smith that could teach me. Needless to say, I did find a silver smith and did learn the basics of working with silver and did deliver the pendant mounted in silver, I now thank him for forcing me to learn how to further enhance my Scrimshaw work.

This photo shows the piece fairly close to its actual size, it was done as a large pendant. I desided to do the Oak leaves for the border to mirror the leaves on the ground in the piece. To shape the silver leaves I had to make a rounded punch out of a medium sized nail set. All of the tiny Oak leaves took a lot of time but they make a nice frame for the Mama Deer and it's new born Fawn.

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No matter how old a cat is, wild or not, they just can't resist playing with something now and then. This Lynx has it's eyes fixed on a butterfly and any second he/she will pounce on it. This is another example of my silver work, The piece is bordered with a bezel then 2 strands of sterling wire twisted together to resemble a rope.

I do some silver work now and then but I do not do rings. If you would like a bracelet I will make it, however, you will have to supply me with a non-streaching piece of material or string that is the exact dimention to go completely around your wrist.

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This Bear Claw was carved out of Elephant ivory and it's shown at approximately its actual size. The silver cap is typical of the ones I do for caps on Elk's teeth and real Bear claws





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