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Hops' Scrimshaw
The Home of "Elephant Friendly Scrimshaw"

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NOTE: This page is under construction

We are proud to present to you the work
of our Son, Nick

Nick's Blacksmithing

To place an order, or just talk to Nick
E-mail him at: Nick at ----

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for fabrication and delivery.

Where possible, Nick's designs are reasonable replicas
of designs available in the early 1800s.

No, not pancakes but still a pretty nice stack.

Tired of digging fire pits? If so you might want to consider on of Nick's Braziers, the 3 smaller square ones in the middle are " x " great for one pot or one skillet meals, or maybe cooking gravy while the biscuits are cooking in the dutch.
The larger rectangular Brazier is " x " which doubles the cooking capacity of the smaller Braziers. All of Nick's Braziers have long enough legs so you shouldn't scorch the grass, the double wide Brazier has removable legs to make it easier to pack.



On top of the stack of Braziers in the photo at the left is a unique
" Round Brazier."
this cute little Brazier " in diameter and works well with even a 12" skillet on top. We've been going to Living History events for over 30 years and have never seen a round Brazier, however, they are period correct.
You really ought to add one of these to your collection of cookware.


As for now Nick doesn't make knives to order, he makes whatever knife is in his head and adds it to his blanket, if you're lucky enough to be one of the first to see it, you might have a chance to put it in your pocket of possible's bag.

This knife is made with xxx steel and has a Buffalo horn handle.


On a rare ocassion we actually caught Nick working, or at least looking like he was working.
Actually Nick takes on orders while at the events he attends which keeps him pretty busy, however, if you want to talk to Nick just get his attention and he'll stop long enough to talk, especially if it's about an order.

Here's a look at Nick's shop.

In addition to tent stakes, fire pokers, grills and spit sets, Nick is pretty Artsy Crafty. Here's a cute little candle holder with a cattail and even a dragonfly.


Need authentic looking tools for your shooting bag? If you don't see it on Nick's blanket he'll sure be happy to make it for you.

The pliers in this photo are really awesome.


Here's another little candle holder that's been popular. After he's made the turtle he heats it up and brushes it with a brass brush which gives it an antique brass look.


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