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Hops' Scrimshaw
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We are proud to present to you the work
of our Son, Jeff

To place an order, or just talk to Jeff
E-mail him at: strongbear68@msn.com

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for fabrication and delivery.

Where possible, Jeff's designs are reasonable replicas
of designs available in the early 1800s.

Here's a nice example of a traditional candle lantern with a reflector shade. Not all of Jeff's designs include a reflector shade.

The reflector shade shown may not be the actual shade you receive, Jeff punches several different patterns in his shades.

Price with no shade: $ 20.00

Price with shade: $ 30.00

NOTE: If you have an oil hurricane lantern you would like to dress up, shades may be ordered separately at $ 10.00 each

Here's an example of a candle lantern that is patterned after a feed, sugar, flour scoop. The design reflects the candle lite forward.

Price: $ 30.00


This is a folding Trekker's candle lantern for those hard core Skinners go trekking deep into the woods carrying only what they need in their back pack.

Price: $ 30.00

This is a view of the Trekker's candle lantern in the folded position

Here's an example of a traditional copper mug with a
traditional dovetail joint. All of Jeff's "food grade" products will be lined with a "tin" which will prevent copper poisoning.



For those that are not interested in traditional candle lite,
Jeff has electrified some of his creations as shown below.

Here's an example of a lantern with a fake candle with a small electric lite bulb on top.

Price with no shade: $ yet to come

Here's the lantern at the left
with a shade and the lite turned
on, the reflector really reflects the lite downward.

Price with shade: $ yet to come

What a great idea, a copper scentsy pot.
The tray on top is removable for cleaning as well as to access the small 40 watt lite bulb inside. The photo on the right shows the scentsy pot on, this photo shows the lite a little brighter than they actually are, however, the pattern they make of the stand, floor and the ceiling are very striking. As with some of the other items Jeff makes the actual punched pattern on the one you receive may be different than shown here.

Price: $ 45.00

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