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Hops' Scrimshaw
The Home of
"Elephant Friendly Scrimshaw

A Note from
Roger "Hop" Hopper

If you're interested in what's happening to the Ivory laws in the Unites States,
visit our IVORY MESS PAGE. There you will find information I've gathered
on the proposed new Ivory regulations for the US.
You will also find statistics on the Elephant populations in 4 African countries.
What I've written is My Opinion on what's happening,
take a few minutes and read what I've written, follow some of the links
for additional information and form Your Own Opinion.

Are Elephants really in danger of extinction ???
I don't think so but that's just MY OPINION

In our Design Collection you will find an assortment of very unique Scrimshaw designs. Grizzly Bears, Kittens, Eagles, Rabbits, Flowers, Wolves and more. Of all the designs we have to choose from, I consider the portrait of Christ at the left, entitled "Crown of Thorns", to be my finest achievement. Not because of any detail or expression captured, but because I have been able to use this piece as a tool to help me overcome my timidness to profess and talk about my love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition to wholesaling our products my wife and I do a little traveling and sell our Scrimshaw reproductions at living history events which depict the life styles of Mountain Men during our Country's Fur Trade Era prior to 1840. The Mountain Men would come down out of the mountains to meet (Rendezvous) with Merchants that came from the east carrying all sorts of goods the Mountain Men would need to sustain their lives in the mountains for another year. The Mountain Men brought with them the furs of animals they trapped over the last winter and traded them for flour, sugar, salt, black powder, skinning knives etc, as well as blankets, beads and other fancy stuff to trade with the Indians for trapping rights to their land, or maybe to a band of Young Bucks anxious to collect scalps of white men to hang on their lodge poles. It was a hard life being a Mountain Man spending the long winters in the mountains but they were a special breed.
Here's how one Mountain Man described himself.

The Mountain Man Creed

I'm a Mountain Man by the Almighty,
I'm the original , Iron Jawed, Brass Mounted,
Copper Bellied Corpse Maker,
from the wilds of the Colorada.

My Mama was a Mountain Lion
and my Pappy was a Bore Grizzly
and I'm Kin to the Earthquake
on my Mama's side.

I've got the fastest Horse, the ugliest dog,
and the straightest shootin' rifle
this side of the Mississippi River.
This Child's seen a heap a livin' now.

When I was young and told my Ma and Pa
I was headin' for the mountains to be a Mountain Man,
why, they acted like they was gut shot.
They said, "don't go up there Son,
there ain't nothin' up there
but Savages and Wild Animals.

This is where the people is, make your livin' here,
but I just had to see the Mountains,
I'm a Mountain Man.

When I first became interested in the art of scrimshaw, I admired the extremely fine work of Adam Funmaker, a Native American Scrimshaw artist. Several years later, I acquired a book which displayed the work of hundreds of Scrimshaw artists. In this book, each artist was allotted 1/6 of a page to tout about his or her achievements. When I found the photos of Adam's work and read what Mr. Funmaker had written, I was both surprised and deeply moved. He simply said, "The glory belongs to my creator, for whatever I am able to do." A few years later I had the pleasure of meeting Adam at one of the Rendezvous we were at, this was long before we started doing the reproductions, I asked Adam what he thought of my work he said; "Just keep doing what you're doing and your prices are to low." I know one day I will be able to set down with Adam in Heaven and get to know him a little better. Every now and then I am honored to receive an e-mail from one of Adam's children or grandchildren and I do enjoy reading what they have to say. When people ask me, "How do you get such fine detail?", I tell them, "I have to confess, I don't do all of the work myself." This normally results in a somewhat puzzled reaction. Then I tell them, "Alone I can only do the easy stuff, the Lord always helps me with the hard stuff."

Throughout our Design Collection, you will find poems, verses and prayers. Many of them, as well as several of my Scrimshaw designs, reflect the strong admiration I have for the American Indians. The Indians of old were a deeply religious people. Most tribes have detailed oral records of Creation, as well as the great flood. Many of the poems and verses make reference to "The Great Spirit", which is what the Sioux Indians called their God, other tribes called their God, "The One Above." as well as a few others, I won't really know for sure until I am called to be with Jesus in heaven, but I'm pretty sure their God and mine are one in the same.

Do you believe in "The Big Bang Theory," I DO. Astronomers and scientists all over the World spend their whole lives trying to find out what it was that caused our Earth and the rest of the Universe, the Cosmos, or whatever else they call the Heavens to come into being, somewhere along the line they named it
They believe that long ago there was nothing in space, it was just black and empty, then there was a giant, colossal, explosion and everything we see in the Heavens was created, including our Earth and every living thing on it. I agree with that theory, however, they don't know what caused the BIG BANG but I DO. To me it's simple, after GOD decided what he wanted to do, then He said let it be so and with a BIG BANG the universe was born.

God Bless & Enjoy

Hop & Joann

The photos above show the front of our tent and one of the inside with the cases displaying our products. The photo to the right is of my
lovely wife (Joann) and I taking a side trip over to Lake Michigan before
heading home after an event
. Without her support in whatever I've done,
I would probably have worked in some factory all of my life. She is truly my childhood sweetheart having met her when she was 11 and I was 14.

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