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Mountain Retreat Feather

If a young man you know is about to become an "Eagle Scout," the highest rank a boy Scout can achieve, this Eagle Feather for the wall of his room would make a wonderful gift. Show how proud you are of him, give him something that he'll treasure for the rest of his life.

There was a time long ago, before the white man came to this land, when the Native Americans lived in harmony with Mother Earth and all that she had to offer. Today, when most of us think of "Indians," we think of plains Indians of the 18th century that lived in Tipis on the wide open prairies between the Mississippi River and the Great Rocky Mountains. The Indians of the Plaines were a nomadic people that moved with the seasons, following the great herds of Buffalo. They also shared their world with and depended on the Deer, Antelope, Beaver and other small game. They understood and respected Mother Nature for all she had to offer and all she could do. They knew the clouds rolling in from the west could bring with them comfort from the blazing heat of the prairie but the clouds may also bring high winds and a possible tornado. They knew not to camp to close to quiet little stream that in a heartbeat could turn into a raging river. All of these things and more were passed down from generation to generation and to ignore these teachings would have been foolhardy, possibly resulting in death to ones self, their family, as well as other tribe members.

#94 Mountain Retreat
Eagle Feather

Enlarged Detail

The feather itself is designed to look similar to a tail feather of an immature Golden Eagle. The tips of their tail feathers are a very, very dark brown, almost black and often have streaks of the dark color running up the feather as represented by the tall pine trees. As the Eagles mature the entire tail feathers will take on the dark brown color with somewhat of a random mottled pattern.

The tranquil scene of an Indian village is a vision of a time long ago, before our white forefathers invaded their homelands and moved them to reservations that were often in desolate almost desert like locations, far from cool mountain meadows and lush green prairies they had called home for generation after generation. You can almost feel a cool breeze coming off of the lake where the birch bark canoe is pulled up on the sandy beach. Living by a lake full of trout and other game fish would surely be a welcome change to their diet of Buffalo, Antelope and Deer, at least for a little while. A Loon swimming by with its haunting call echoing through the meadow as if to say "all is well, all is well."

An interesting fact is, in old photos of an Indian Tipi village, you can usually tell which direction is North, South, East and West by looking at the direction the smoke flaps on the tipis are facing and whether the photo was taken in the morning or afternoon. Here's how, Tipis are always set up with the smoke flaps facing East because the wind seldom comes out of the East and when the wind comes from one of the other 3 directions the flaps can be arranged to allow the wind to draw the smoke from the fire inside the tipi out. Also since you know which direction East is, if the shadows are on the back side of the Tipi, it's morning, if the shadows are on the front of the Tipi (the side with the flaps) the time of the day is in the afternoon.

#94 Mountain Retreat
Eagle Feather

Not Shown at its Actual Size of
1-7/16" wide x 7-1/2" tall

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Any of our “Wood Badge” totem designs would make a wonderful gift for that Friend or Family Member that has spent many hours and has successfully completed the Boy Scout Wood Badge Adult Leader Training in the "Eagle Patrol." He or she has worked hard to learn more about how they can better serve and help shape the Future Leaders of our Great Country. They deserve something special.

Wood Badge Patrols Are:

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EFC07- FOP Feather on Walnut Plaque
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