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Hops' Scrimshaw
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Bolo Tie Style (BO)
Shown with

Fishing Eagle Design

NOTE: Bolo ties on this page
are not shown at their actual size.

Our Bolo Ties are a standard 36 inches long, if you would like to have a longer length please send us an E-mail at the time you place your order and we should be able to make that happen for you. The cord is a 5/32" black Para-Cord with nickel plated bolo tips. The bolo slide is a high quality, solid nickel spring type slide as shown below. Our bolos with the Boy Scout Wood Badge Totems are very popular among Scout Leaders.

"To order your "Bolo Tie"
Go to the page that has the design you want, then below the photos you will find a price list with the different Mountings that are available, click on the PayPal button next to the "Bolo Tie," then continue shopping or click on "View my Cart" and check out, it's as simple as that and with PayPal it's SAFE

Also, the Bolo Tie will have a "BO" after the order number.

This is the type of bolo back we use, it's a very nice "Spring Style" that holds your Scrimshaw piece securely in place. Just place your thumb on the center of the slide and your forefinger on the center of the Scrimshaw piece, gently squeeze and slide the piece to where you want it, you can wear your bolo all day and won't have to readjust it like
some bolo backs others use.
Sure they cost us more but you deserve the best we can provide.

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