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Hops' Scrimshaw
The Home of "Elephant Friendly Scrimshaw"

Pendants on Leather

"Fox Arrow" & "Sm. Fox Oval"
Pendants and cord are shown
at their Approx. Actual Size.

All larger pendants like the
"Fox Arrow" above and larger
round or oval pendants will be
fitted with a strong, round,
2mm black leather cord.

All Smaller Arrowheads and
smaller round or oval pendants
like the "Sm. Fox Oval" above
will be fitted with a strong,
round, 1mm black leather cord.

The "Cut Length" of both
cords will be 32 inches.

On all Pendants with Leather Cord.
The ends of the leather cord are tied with a simple overhand knot which allows for easy length adjustment. All pendants with leather cord also come with 2 real glass "Red Whiteheart Beads" to accent the piece.

What is a "White heart" bead?
It is a bead that is made with an opaque white glass center, then overlaid with a layer of translucent red glass to make a very unique and beautiful bead. The Mountain Men traded literally tons of these beads in an assortment of different colors to the Indians.

To order your Pendant on Leather.
Go to the page that has the design you want, then below the photos you will find a price list with the different mountings that are available, click on the PayPal "Add To Cart" button next to the "Pendant on Leather," then continue shopping or click on the "View Cart" button at the top of the price list and "Check Out" with "PayPal" it's as simple as that and with PayPal it's SAFE.

Also, Pendants on Leather will have a "PL" after the Order Number.

We Reserve the Right To Substitute.
On rare occasions Black Cord is not available and we will have to substitute a dark brown or tan colored cord.

On all round or oval pendants with an edge thick enough to drill into, we install a Tiny Little "Screw Eye" which we then attach a small jump ring to that the leather cord or chain will go through. This photo of the "Screw Eye" has been enlarged several times.

This photo of the "Screw Eye" is
shown at its approximate
actual size
of 1/4" and 5/16" inches


As a Demonstration of Strength
we installed 2 "Screw Eyes" in a piece. The photo below shows a Screw Eye as it would be when you receive it, to the right of it is a Screw Eye that is bent out of shape. We purposely tried to pull the Screw Eye out by running a heavy Dacron cord through the eye and tried to pull it out of the scrimshaw piece, as you can see the Screw Eye did not come out of the piece, the eye just straightened out. When you consider the size of the tiny little Screw Eye (as shown at its actual size in the photo at the left) its holding power is AMAZING


This photo of #49 Zuni Bird shows the Screw Eyes and pendant Slightly Larger than their Actual Size.

NOTE: Screw Eyes are only installed in what we call "Flat Back Pieces," such as the "Zuni Bird" partially shown at the right, "Rose Heart," "Unicorn," etc. Arrowheads as well as some oval pieces that are domed on both sides have edges that are to thin to drill into, the "Fox Arrow" and "Sm. Fox Oval" above are good examples of what I'm talking about, these pieces are designed to have holes drilled through them at the top and fitted with jump rings for the leather or chain to go through.


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