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Hops' Scrimshaw
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2-Strand "Bone Hair Pipe" Choker

All of our chokers are made with real bone "Hair Pipe," the ones we currently stock are made with Camel Bone. We stain the "Hair Pipe" with tea to give them a rich antique look. At both ends of each "Hair Pipe" are deep, rich, red, antique, translucent glass "White Heart" beads.

What is a "Hair Pipe"
"Hair Pipe" is a term referring to a long slim bead that were / are generally available in lengths from 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches and were traded with Native Americans primarily from the Great Plaines. In 1878 a white trader had provided the Ponca Indians with large quantities of corn cob pipes, when he inquired as to why they wanted so many pipes, an Indian by the name of White Eagle showed the trader a necklace that was made with just the pipe stems and asked if they could be ordered bulk without the corn cob. The trader contacted his supplier about producing the tubular bone beads and within a year he had enough "Hair Pipe" of different lengths to sell to the Poncas as well as other Native American tribes.

What is a "white heart" bead?
The name "White Heart" bead can be confusing since the beads are neither white nor are they heart shaped. The name comes from the opaque white centers of these glass beads which adds a unique glow to the translucent glass surrounding them. We use "red white hearts," however, they are also made in other colors but the red ones were and still are more prominent. The Mountain Men traded literally tons of this style bead to the Indians.

Each section of Hair Pipe and beads are separated with a heavy leather spacer then the bone hair pipe and beads terminate into a soft buckskin pad at each end, with long, strong, buckskin ties, long enough to fit most any neck size.

When you add your choice of Scrimshaw Pendants (Bobwhite Quail pictured below),
you will have an AWESOME looking choker.
The Bobwhite is one of our Wood Badge designs

NOTE: The actual color of the Bone Hair Pipe will vary a little
from one to another, so the choker you receive
may be a little lighter or darker than the one shown.

The choker in the photo above is not shown at its Actual Size.
The overall length of our chokers are roughly 11-1/2" to 12",
(not including the ties) they will go about half way around
the average persons neck.

"To order your 2 strand choker",
Go to the page that has the design you want, then below the photos
you will find a price list with the different Mountings that are available,
click on the PayPal "Add To Cart" button next to the "2 strand Choker"
then continue shopping or click on "View my Cart" and check out,
it's as simple as that and with PayPal it's SAFE.

Also, In the price list, a 2-Strand Hair Pipe Choker
is identified with "CH2" after the order number.


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