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Hops' Scrimshaw
Whale Tooth

NOTE: Images on this page are
Not Shown at their Actual Size,

#101 Whale Tooth
(Order Number WTH01-WB)
See Price List Below

This style of mount is very popular, the tooth sets on a 1/4" brass rod atop of 3-5/8" Dia. Walnut Base

NOTE: The tooth in all 3 mounts
"Some Assembly is Required."
You will have to insert the Brass rod into the hole provided in the walnut base, then set the Whale Tooth on top of the brass rod moving it around a bit to find the hole that has been drilled for it up in the tooth cavity. When you've found the hole gently press downward until the tooth stops and the assembly is complete.

Hunting Whales was a risky business especially if you were a member of a crew that went out in small row boats trying to get close enough to harpoon the great beasts. One doesn't think of a Whale as being smart, however, like Dolphins whales have been proven to be very intelligent and able to experience many feelings, including "Anger." Herman Melville was the author of the great book, "Moby Dick," a story about a Whaling ship's Captain and his relentless pursuit of a Malicious Great White Whale named Moby Dick. You can read a little about this Whale and more on our
"History of Scrimshaw" page.

This image on the Whale Tooth is
shown at its Approx. Actual
size of 3-1/4" tall

The Approx. Actual size of the
Tooth Itself is 5-3/8" tall x 2" wide

This photo shows the conical void that real Whales teeth have. With our process we are able to capture this void as well as the irregular bottom edge with all of the nicks and chips that are found on real Whales teeth. Our teeth will also take on a rich golden color with age, making them look even more like the old original teeth found in museums.

Our Whale teeth look very real with one exception, the tip of the tooth doesn't have the yellowish tan discoloration found on real Whale's teeth, as shown in the photo below with the blue background. The tip of our Whale tooth, with the red background, is the same uniform color as the rest of the tooth.

We have tried to make our Whale teeth
look as real as possible but we don't
want anyone buying one thinking
they have purchased a real tooth.

We only sell Polymer Reproduction Whale's Teeth with the Scrimshaw engraving already on them.
We do not have blank teeth

#101 Whale Tooth
(Order Number WTH01-GLD)

See Price List Below

this glass dome is 4" in dia. and
the Overall Height including the Walnut Base is Approx. 7-1/2" tall.

#101 Whale Tooth
(Order Number WTH01-PEN)
See Price List Below

This beautiful desk set comes with a
high quality ball point pen, the Pen and
the Whale's Tooth are mounted on an
oval Iowa Walnut base that is
Approx. 8" long x 4" wide.





Tooth on Walnut Base

$ 95.00


Tooth in Glass Dome
$ 130.00
WTH01- PEN Tooth & Pen Desk Set
$ 115.00


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